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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Roofing Services

Why do we only do roofing?

We focus on roofing like an electrician or heating and cooling company focus on there trades , your roof is a mechanical part of your home and has to endure climatic abuses that no other area is exposed to. Because of this, care must be taken for a correct installation and product choices must be consistent with your style home as no two homes are exactly alike and can vary from having flashing issues or areas of specific troubles that where created with additions or other factors. We pay special attention to your ventilation system and match the vents to your type of construction.

What brand roofing do you use?

We prefer IKO however we are able to purchases any brand and it has been our experience that the most important part of this roof project is the installers, very seldom have we been called to a leak or blow off on an existing roof where the issue was material created.

How long does a roof take to install?

Usually a home can be professionally roofed in 2 to 4 days and size matters the bigger your home the longer it will take.

Do we need to be home when you do our roof?

Usually no and in most cases it is safer for your property to be clear while we work, the most we ask of our homeowners is to provide the location of electrical out lets and possibly there garden hose.

Do you have homes we can look at before we hire you?

Yes and usually within your zip code